Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mike Loves Heidi

I have to come up with some award for these two!
It was oh, let's see, 38 degrees yesterday when we shot these photos.
Look at them. NO coats, No red noses... amazing. That is youth (and love)!
I had a great time even though I froze my trigger finger off taking pictures downtown and out on Sullivan's Island. Mike and Heidi are on their way to sunny California via Charleston and Atlanta! I probably won't see them again until the wedding unless Heidi decides to fly back for a bridal portrait.

Their adorable dog, Sydney, had a few photo ops with them in Waterfront Park and out on the beach!

Take care you two. Be safe driving and send me some of those "funny pictures" you were telling me about!

View their slide show here!

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Image Merchants - Charleston said...

What a photogenic couple! And the scenery...well you just can't go wrong on a beautiful SC Beach - even on a cold day.

Very nice work.