Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trash The Dress ~ Atlantic Ocean Fun

Katie and Jason Ratliff are one of the coolest couples I know and they were quite wet at 6:30 this morning when they plunged into the ocean with their wedding clothes on! Katie has the most gorgeous wedding gown and Jason was happy to rent a tux for the occasion of trashing her dress. So, before heading to work this morning look what we did! I only wish my dear friend and fellow photographer, Jill, were still here to have played with us.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Pope

Tonya and Travis are enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii right now! Hope you are having a wonderful time you two!!
On Saturday night they were married in the courtyard of the Planter's Inn.

Kate and I took them to White Point Garden and then around Church Street to take photos before the ceremony. Travis hid behind this tree before seeing Tonya for the first time!

Here are two fun reception shots! I called Tonya's grandfather "Wild Turkey" all night. I think he liked that. He was hysterical.

Check out their slideshow here

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Fabulous Folly Wedding

Beth Anne and Jason were married Friday night on Folly Beach. The family all came from out of town to celebrate with them. I have to say I was touched by their very outward showing of love for each other. This family was always hugging, crying or kissing every time I turned around!! These two are lucky to have such love surrounding them.

Beth and her dad had a special dance down by the water.

Jason and his mom took a private moment under the parasol.

The happy couple!

You can see more photos here

Friday, July 27, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun with the Schmits

I met the Schmit family on the Isle of Palms last nigth for some fun on the beach. We took some cute shots of the family and then let the kids loose in the water. The parents even got into the act!!

See more photos here

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A gorgeous smile

Dr. Nash and Dr. Barbieri ~ the smile team as they are affectionately called have made yet another child's smile beautiful....mine! After three years, AJ got his braces off yesterday morning and he looks great. Of course, I am his mom and I do think he is a really good looking young man!
This is a poloroid the office took. He has not stopped moving long enough for me to snap his photo. I will try when he gets home from work tonight.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Awesome Family

Last night I met Shannon Stanley and her family out on the beach for some photos.
They were so much fun. Clay and Connor are so handsome!

I loved these couple shots. Katherine is a soon to be member of the clan! They will be getting married on 06-07-08 in Texas. Who knows, maybe I will get to be their photographer! Wouldn't that be fun.

Yes! This family took the plunge too. Notice it was the adults NOT the children!
I loved it!!!

Now look who did not jump...

Gee, I wonder what happened next. Check out the slideshow to see!
Click here to view

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alisha and Manny

It was a perfect evening for a beach wedding. Alisha and Manny were married on Sullivan's Island last night. This couple is so sweet! We had a great time together and Alisha's little nephew (he slept on his mamma's shoulder thru the ceremony) was totally pinchable!! He was too cute.

Stealing a kiss!

You can see more photos here

Monday, July 23, 2007

Katie and Jason's Wedding Album

Check out Katie and Jason's wedding album from their wedding at St. Andrew's last month! This couple wants to do a trash the dress session on the beach! Look out for those awesome photos.
You can see their album here

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brooke and Marc ~ Summerall Chapel

After being married for a little over a year, Brooke and Marc were remarried in the company of their families and close friends on Saturday afternoon. Marc is a Citadel graduate and was recently deployed to Iraq. He is home now for awhile so he and his lovely bride chose to have a ceremony at the Summerall Chapel with Brooke's uncle performing their ceremony. Kate came along to help and we both agreed that these two were amazing to photograph!

There is a tradition at the Citadel ~ when a cadet gets married at the Chapel, the bride and groom walk through a sword arch, followed by a kiss and then the bride gets "tapped" on the behind with one of the swords. Brooke got a spanking!! OUCH.

Their reception was downtown at the Harbour Club. After taking some shots around the Citadel, we hit the area around Waterfront Park!

You can see more photos here

Friday, July 20, 2007

CBS EARLY SHOW ~ In Chucktown and We Were There!

Jill, Thuy, Jill's cousin, Theresa and I all got up way too early to get downtown for the live taping of the CBS Early Show on the Battery in Charleston. Hootie and the Blowfish gave an awesome concert and there was lots going on!

The night before, Jill and Theresa ran to Wal-Mart to get supplies to make these awesome and VERY creative posters. We thought John Travolta was going to be interviewed here live but he wasn't. Oh well.

Thuy got someone to take our picture with Harry and with Dave the weatherman!

I think this photo is hilarious!!! I am so glad I don't take myself too seriously.
It was lots of fun and well worth waking up at 4am for.
I made a quick slideshow if you want to catch some awesome Hootie photos.
Click here
Here is another link: can you find us?