Friday, March 30, 2007

Amy's Bridal Portrait

I met with Amy Foster and her lovely mother today at the Palmer Home in Charleston for her bridal portrait. She will be getting married next month so you will have to wait to see her dress then! It was a beautiful day and the flowers blooming all along the Battery added to this wonderful backdrop. Just as we were finishing up and going back to the house to change, I met the nicest woman, Mary Wilson who lives on S. Battery. I have always loved her home - white with huge columns in front and a black and white marble checkerboard enterance. She gave me permission to shoot in the front of her home any time I wanted!!! Of course I started today!
You can see Amy's slideshow here!

The Berwald Family

I met the Berwald family this afternoon at Wild Dunes for a family photo shoot. We wanted the beach but it was too windy and too sunny by the time we started. The grassy area around Shipwatch gave us some nice backgrounds to work with!
This is Bruce, the dad with his beautiful ha rum!

These are the girls: Rebecca, Ariel and Sarah

This is Sarah! I just happened to suggest we put her in the tree and then mom told me they call her "monkey!"

This was their last day of Spring Break. They leave for St. Louis tomorrow.
I will miss them.

What kind of MM are YOU?

Last night our family had a little fun and created MM characters. It is the cutest website and we all had a great laugh over it!

This is me! There were so many choices but I went with the wind-blown hair look and visor when I drive around town in my convertible. Choosing just one accessory was hard for me. I went with the obvious choice, the camera but there were so many others I could have used too.

This is my husband, Mark. He is a musician so we have him serenading with flowers in his hand! He loves to bring home flowers for his ladies!

Meet AJ, our oldest son. He is 15, just got is learners permit to drive and yes he does have braces!

This is Veronica. She is 12 and rocks as a violin player. If you are local check her out in the APRIL addition of Skirt magazine. She is featured in the Girl Power section. We leave for Ireland this weekend where she will be performing with the group NaFildleiri in Dublin, Galway and Shannon! She wants everyone to know that she picked the teddy bear because she loves animals, she has long hair and the tiara looked pretty. She loves the warm weather and prefers flip flops to sneakers!

So, what kind of MM are you? Make your own character at Becomeanmm

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just Chillin' with the Kids of Just Chill Restaurant

Hi everyone! Want a really great casual restaurant? You have to check out Just Chill in Park West across from Pinckney and Laurel Hill Elementary Schools. It is great. Mischelle and Suzanne are not only wonderful women of God, they are hard working entrepreneurs who started this great family hang out. I took photo's of their children last year for the restaurant and it was time for an update. We hit Station 18 on Sullivan's Island for a sunset beach session.

This is Jordan. She probably changed the most since last year! I thought she was a senior!

Mackenzie has the most beautiful red hair!

Hampton was a big HAM. He loved posing for me.

Delaney (cool name huh?) loved the camera and it loved her back.

Tyler was a lot like Jordan and loved to ham it up.

I think this might be a restaurant shot.

Let me know if you eat at Just Chill!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kassi Gets Wet Downtown

It was another gorgeous day in Charleston and Kassi was soaking up the sun and getting soaking wet while we shot another Trash the Dress session. This time we hit all the spots "wet" downtown. Our first stop was to Waterfront Park with it's two fountains. Then it was down to the Palmer Home where after some more great picture taking, Kassi took the dive into their pool. The cool temperature didn't stop her from playing around in the water with some toule. Way to go Kassi!! Of course I have to say "thank you" to my friends at the Palmer Home for allowing us to play in their yard! They are the best.



Check out her slideshow here and don't forget to leave a comment please!

Sheena: Champagne and Strawberries..

It's not what you think!! Sheena and her husband Sam came out to North Charleston for a little glamour and grunge. Sheena loves champagne and strawberries which added the perfect touch to this trash the dress session!

Check out Sheena's slideshow here!
Which one do you like best?

Anne at Page's Thieves Market

Anne had the PERFECT look in her big, poofy gown against this rustic auction house decked out in cowboy boots and slinging a guitar. Linda Page's setting couldn't have been better to trash Anne's dress!

Which one do you like best?
Check out Anne's slideshow here!

Suzanne Trashes Her Dress on Shem Creek!

It was the perfect morning with the cutest bride! Suzanne Burkey, one of my brides this spring was ready to Trash the Dress with me on Shem Creek. Her awesome husband, Gregg, gave us a ride out to their houseboat and then it was on to The Carolina, a local shrimp boat to take the plunge!! This was the perfect location for them. Suzanne and Gregg love to hang out on their boat!

Check out Suzanne's slideshow here!

Which one do you like best?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sheena's Bridal Portrait

I met up with Sheena at the gazebo on the Battery in downtown Charleston for her bridal portait yesterday afternoon. She came down with her mom, aunt and her adorable neice Pyper. I just love that name and she is the cutest little two year old. I snuck in a quick portrait session of her too. I couldn't resist!! The Battery wasn't our only stop however! We also found some other fantastic backgrounds around Charleston and then headed out to Sullivan's Island to Station 18 by the lighthouse to capture the last light of day!

I can show you a few of Pyper's photos but you will have to wait until May to see Sheena! I know Hayden can't see the dress before the wedding! If you know Sheena's password you can click the link to see her slideshow!

Click here for Sheena's portrait session.