Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Simple Things

The Simple Things....that is Suzy and Larry's motto. They were married yesterday at Tidewater in Mount Pleasant. I loved Suzy's free spirit and Larry's smile could light up the room whenever he looked at her. Suzy and Larry met on-line through! On their third date they found themselves sharing old photo albums and comparing elementary school report cards. They are honeymooning in St. Augustine and plan on making a stop to see Suzy's children and grandchildren in Jacksonville.
After that it is back to Goose Creek to continue their simple life together as husband and wife.

Check out their slideshow here!

Paul and Erin

I am so excited to be the photographer for Paul and Erin this June! I asked Paul today to send me a photo of himself and his beautiful bride to be so I could seee what they looked like. I love gathering as much information as I can from my destination couples so I feel like I know them before I meet them on their wedding day if I can't before. Funny thing...they never ask me about my crazy life and family! Good thing :)

So, this morning Paul had me go to the website he and Erin created.
Check it out here!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sarah and Garland's Wedding

A little scaffolding and a little wind blown hair was not going to get in the way of Sarah enjoying her wedding day! Sarah and Garland got married last night at the Planter's Inn in Charleston. With their closest family and friends traveling from all over the United States to be with them, the couple exchanged vows through laughter and tears. I loved every minute that I got to spend with Sarah and Garland. They are both caring, kind and thoughtful.

Check out their slideshow here!

Lunch: Pleasure and Business

I met up with my dear friend Jill and her "reealy" good friend Jen at the Red Pepper Squirrel in Mt Pleasant for lunch on Friday. We talked about Jen's awesome new home in N.Charleston and Jill's weekend trip to see family. After much laughing and chatting we got down to business. Jen is getting married next April - hopefully at Alhambra! Jill is helping her with all the plans and I got to talk about photos!
She is going to make a gorgeous bride don't you think!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Amanda's Bridal Portrait

Now that the wedding is over I can reveal some of Amanda's bridal portrait photos! It was a very windy day out at the beach at Wild Dunes. Amanda and I had a great time playing on the beach. Although we couldn't get the dressed trashed, she was happy to walk along the water's edge and lie in the sand! Way to go Amanda.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Lent begins today for many Christians ~ a reflective and for some, repentive time before Easter. You know how we make those New Year's Resolutions with every good intention that THIS year will be different...a year older, maybe a year wiser, and yup...I can and will keep them this time! Now here we are with almost two months down into 07 and how have we done? I can tell you honestly that I haven't kept all of mine. I have done a pretty good job at the easy stuff but fell pretty hard and fast when it came to the harder issues. You know the one's I am talking about. The issues that tug at our hearts and can weigh heavy on our minds. Well, we have a new day, a new chance and for those of us who believe the added reinforecment of Jesus Christ and His awesome promise to us. So, let Lent begin. By God's grace I will do those things that are in my heart that need to be addressed in these 40 days. The second best part to Easter is my trip to Ireland with my daughter and mom! Bring it on. :)

BTW: I added some links to some great sites. Check them out. My long time friend is an author and she has a blog you may want to check out. I can tell you she is a better writer than I am. I am all about the picture storytelling dont have to worry about grammer!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Signs of Spring

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a budding young photographer under my wing for a day. The Charleston County Schools offer Job Shadow days for High School students to shadow someone working in a profession they have interest in. Kelly Harvey asked me! I have known Kelly for several years and am enjoying watching her grow and mature into a beautiful young lady. She has dreams of becoming a photographer and I think she will be great at it! She has a fantastic eye. We spent some time walking around downtown Charleston. It was cold but there were definite signs of Spring to enjoy.

Kelly Shot these!

Here are a few I shot.

"Exuberance is beauty." William Blake

Monday, February 19, 2007

Oahu, Hawaii: Dales Family Vacation

Since I am brand new to this "blogging" world I thought I should get a bit more practice. Okay, I will also confess that I am having fun too!
The Dales Family took off for 12 days to visit my sister Alexis and her family in the middle of January. We had an amazing time and really got to enjoy the island of Oahu and all it has to offer. We spent time on Waikiki, Turtle Bay on the North Shore (awesome surfing at Pipeline), saw where LOST was filmed (very cool) and lots more! Here are just a few photos. If you like these there are more on my website. Just check out the slideshow section.

AJ, Sullivan, Bailey and Veronica

firedancer on the beach in front of the Hali Koa Hotel

My family!

You gotta love PIPELINE...


Christine and Mike

I met Christine and Mike downtown at Waterfront Park for a quick "Getting to Know You" shoot. They were real troopers considering it was freezing cold and the only time we could meet was at noon! NOT the best time to catch the perfect light. We only had 20 minutes so we ran around (literally) and the two of them were great at throwing their coats on and off as we went. They are getting married in a few weeks on Folly Beach. I know we are all hoping for Spring to show up by then. Didn't that groundhog say it would be early this year?!